3 Ways You Can Benefit From Leadership Coaching

Posted by Tracey Britton on Aug 20, 2015 10:08:00 AM
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Leadership Coaching 3 Ways It Can Help You

Whether you're taking over a new position, your team is going through transition, or you're moving into a management position for the first time, leadership coaching is a valuable way to make sure you are meeting both your personal and professional goals in the new role or organization. Here are three ways working with a leadership coach can help you manage, learn, and grow.

  1. A Chance for Personal Growth: When you’re managing, your focus is often on growth, but rarely do you get to focus on your own growth. When working with a coach, it’s your chance to focus on you. Where do you want to go? What areas do you want to improve? What’s standing in your way? You can focus on tactical improvements in the moment – how can I communicate better with partner organizations? – but also create a framework for those larger, gradual shifts you want to make as your career and life progresses. Life changes, and so will your goals. By having a solid coaching relationship you can adjust your goals to match where you want to be and how to get there.
  2. An Impartial Sounding Board: Whether it's intra-office politics, concerns about your role as your organization grows, or frustrations you’re having communicating with a team member, a coach allows you to discuss your ideas candidly. It’s hard to give unbiased advice about how to deal with a workplace issue if you’re part of that workplace. Regardless of intentions, other people in your place of work have preexisting relationships and their own motivations which can unintentionally bias their advice. With a coach it’s different: his or her only motivation is to help you succeed. Are you struggling with how to effectively communicate with a difficult colleague? Your coach can help you analyze the situation objectively because she doesn't have her own stake in the workplace dynamic. 
  3. Research and Knowledge: There are troves of data out there showing the science behind team dynamics and workplace success. Some are universal, and some are industry specific. At Edgework Consulting, our Knowledge Lab follows the latest research and trends, and combines those with research and concepts cultivated from our team’s range of experiences. By working with a knowleable coach, you gain wisdom and perspective from a number of different sources. No longer will you feel like you’re dealing with issues by yourself. You’ll have someone else in your corner and all the knowledge and resources he brings with him.

As you move up in an organization, it’s how you work with others and having the self-awareness to adjust and learn that sets you apart. Working with a coach gives you a base of knowledge, and a trusted ally to help you grow in a way that works for your organization, your team, and you.

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