4 Benefits of Learning and Development Programs

Posted by Tracey Britton on Aug 24, 2015 8:40:00 AM
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Training, education, learning and development – whatever you call it, a training program for your team will help them work more effectively as a unit. But it’s more than just that – good learning and development programs help teams with cohesion, growth, and problem-solving. Here are four ways your team can benefit from an intentional training program.

  1. Retention: One of the keys to keeping talented people with your organization is giving them learning opportunities. Kevin Griffin, Chief Information Officer at GE Capital says that learning “must be a core focus of any strong organization." As the economy continues to rebound, employees have more opportunities, and along with salary and benefits they are looking for learning and professional development. By building a learning and development program into your organization you’re letting your people know that you value them, and that your organization is committed to their growth.
  2. Interpersonal Productivity: At Edgework Consulting, we focus on Interpersonal Productivity – how two or more people work together for better results in less timeWith a focused team training program in place, your employees are learning and developing as a unit, so the skills and tools they pick up will be complementary. Whether training is for more effective meetings, emails, or assessing team work style, the progress one team member makes is amplified by the progress others in his or her group make. Think of it as learning a new language (because in many ways, it is) – it’s great for your personal growth if you’re learning Turkish, but to benefit the most from it, the people with whom you communicate need to understand what you’re saying. With an organized learning and development program the whole team will grow together. Think of a world with more efficient meetings, crisper emails, and better communication among team members.
  3. Growth From Inside Out: A training program crafted for your organization ties your team’s learning with your organization’s goals. Every organization has its own customs, culture, and language, and a good training program will adapt to those internal norms so your team can learn within that framework. The two benefit each other: your team gets stronger as they learn in the framework of your organization, and your organization's framework is then reinforced by that team.
  4. Problem Solving: While you’re building new capacity for your team, you’ll also be solving problems. Though the focus of a training session could be Workplace Networks, you may find the conversation overlapping with Time Management, as your team members explain that they want to connect with colleagues, but are frustrated because they don’t feel they can be away from their desks when people are gathering. Fleshing out those issues is important and an incredible byproduct of a good training session. In a great training session you’ll be addressing both. Not only will you be building new roads ahead of you, you’ll be fixing the ones behind you, too. 

Building up your team means helping the people on your team grow. A training program focuses your growth so that your team grows together, which helps keep that team intact. Growth isn’t always easy, but when done smartly, with a clear vision and a well-designed and executed training program, the benefits for your team can be extraordinary.

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