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Lou is the chief knowledge officer at Edgework Consulting and brings a rare blend of design expertise, professional consulting presence and truly engaging and exciting facilitation. Lou’s passion for learning stems from years of work on the front lines of education and organizational development, across the United States and in Israel, South Africa, Malawi, Thailand, Ireland, and beyond. Lou has worked in the classroom as well as in non-traditional educational settings, with populations ranging from executives from major corporations to young adults with life threatening illnesses.
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From Toxic to Magnetic: How to Measure Your Workplace Culture

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Mar 3, 2016 3:04:18 PM

Your workplace culture may seem difficult to assess, but just like quarterly reports, recruiting numbers, and inbound requests, it can be measured and charted.

In the 2x2 below you’ll see culture measured on two axes. Strength, the x-axis, describes the intensity with which the culture pulls on individuals’ behavior. Positivity, the y-axis, indicates the degree to which people are pulled toward affirmative behaviors by the culture.

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3 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Culture

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Jan 28, 2016 5:38:01 PM

A positive culture can drive growth, increase retention, spur productivity and inspire creativity. A negative culture can lead to disillusionment, reduced engagement, and send good team members and promising talent heading for the exit. Here are three reasons to invest in building a positive culture for your company.

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Remote Teaming: Four Characteristics Great Communicators Have In Common

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Nov 23, 2015 9:57:49 AM

Remote teaming is still teaming, and whether you’re new to the remote game, grappling with the decision of working remotely, or have been working remotely for a while, communication with your teammates remains key. In our research on remote teaming, we've found these those who excel at remote communication share these four characteristics.

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Teaming and the Myth of Success is the Deliverable

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Oct 27, 2015 1:49:34 PM

In this series of blog posts we'll share some of our research and insights into four myths about teaming: luck; weak links; zero conflict; and success is the deliverable. Today, we're talking about the myth of "success is the deliverable."

It’s tempting to measure the success of a team by its deliverable on a specific project: was it delivered on time, on budget, and to the specifications requested? Often we’ll look at a list like that, and if we can say "yes" to all three items we’ll consider this validation that our team is a successful one. It’s easy to use a checklist like this when trying to measure a team's success, precisely because it is so measurable. But team success is more complicated, and the deliverables on which you are currently working is only a part of that formula. The most successful, creative, and high performing teams are the ones who appreciate the deliverable not as the sole measure of success, but as just one data point in a much broader, and longer-term analysis.

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The Myth of Luck and Successful Teams

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Oct 14, 2015 9:44:51 AM

In this series of blog posts we'll share some of our research and insights into four myths about teaming: luck; weak links; zero conflict; and success is the deliverable. Today, we're talking about luck. Have you ever been on a  team that clicked right away? You may have thought "wow, were we lucky. Not like those poor people who got stuck with a bad team."

Great teams don’t just happen. Like any relationship, there are ups and downs, and the ones that have sustained success learn from the downs and turn them into ups. And while there is science to why and when teams are successful, there are also long held myths that when tested against the science don’t hold up. One such myth is that if you are part of a group that right away teams well, you were lucky.

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Depth and Breadth: What Makes a Strong Workplace Network

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Oct 5, 2015 1:51:02 PM

As the effects of globalization and technology march on, contracting our work world so that information and colleagues are easier to access, an increasingly valuable resource for a knowledge worker is exactly that – knowledge. Information is quickly disseminated through the internet, and it arrives wherever we are at the moment through our smart phones and tablets. But while all that readily accessible information is out there, it still takes people to turn it into knowledge. Information may influence decisions and help shift priorities, but it’s still people who make decisions. In the modern workplace, having a workplace network with depth and breadth is among the best tools you can have.

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How a Learning and Development Program Can Build the Professional Skills Your Team Needs

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Sep 3, 2015 1:36:43 PM

Teams make a new hire to fill a role – a marketer, an engineer, a salesperson, a designer – and look for the hard skills in a person to match that role. But more and more, a successful hire not only has the individual skills to fit a role, he or she also has the individual skills to fit in on a team.

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