Is The Grass Greener? Go Find Out – The Right Way!

Posted by Ash Wall on Jul 12, 2016 2:34:19 PM


"We say that young professionals entering the workforce lack loyalty, and are committed to people and experiences, not the company. What is wrong with that?  Maybe we all have something to learn from this approach!"

"Maybe you don’t like your job or the people you work with.  Or perhaps you love your job, and the people you work with, but you want to be sure it is where you should be. Maybe you want to experience a growth opportunity that doesn’t exist there.  Regardless of your situation there is real value behind the process of looking."

Those are bits from the latest LinkedIn post by our team member Tracey Britton, on the importance and purpose of keeping an open mind and exploring the world of work around you, whether you're frustrated with your current situation or thrilled with where you are. It affects engagement and retention for you and your team. A great read for anyone who is thinking about engagement in the workplace. Tracey is Vice President, Client and Talent Development here at Edgework Consulting.

Read the post and check out some of Tracey's other work on our blog.

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