The Cost of Not Doing What You Want To Do

Posted by Emily Helm on Mar 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM
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"The fear of the unknown can be powerful, but when you eventually do the thing you’ve been avoiding, it often ends up working out just fine. Or better yet, often something good happens from the unknown. You get a date, you get that time off, you don’t get that time off and realize it’s time to think about working somewhere else. Or, if you’re like my friend, you find that the most ominous looking of all the mail was actually your tax return – money back!"

That's a bit from the latest LinkedIn post by our team member Ash Wall, on the things holding you back from all you want to do. Ash works on time management, productivity, and teaming here at Edgework Consulting.

Read the post here and check out some of Ash's other work on our blog here.

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Topics: Time Management, Productivity