The Cost of Not Doing What You Want To Do

Posted by Emily Helm on Mar 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

"The fear of the unknown can be powerful, but when you eventually do the thing you’ve been avoiding, it often ends up working out just fine. Or better yet, often something good happens from the unknown. You get a date, you get that time off, you don’t get that time off and realize it’s time to think about working somewhere else. Or, if you’re like my friend, you find that the most ominous looking of all the mail was actually your tax return – money back!"

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Topics: Time Management, Productivity

From Toxic to Magnetic: How to Measure Your Workplace Culture

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Mar 3, 2016 3:04:18 PM

Your workplace culture may seem difficult to assess, but just like quarterly reports, recruiting numbers, and inbound requests, it can be measured and charted.

In the 2x2 below you’ll see culture measured on two axes. Strength, the x-axis, describes the intensity with which the culture pulls on individuals’ behavior. Positivity, the y-axis, indicates the degree to which people are pulled toward affirmative behaviors by the culture.

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Topics: Organizational Culture, Productivity, Workplace Culture

3 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Culture

Posted by Lou Bergholz on Jan 28, 2016 5:38:01 PM

A positive culture can drive growth, increase retention, spur productivity and inspire creativity. A negative culture can lead to disillusionment, reduced engagement, and send good team members and promising talent heading for the exit. Here are three reasons to invest in building a positive culture for your company.

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Topics: Teamwork, Organizational Culture, Productivity, Workplace Culture