Change One Thing, Change Everything

Posted by Emily Helm on Sep 15, 2016 10:50:39 AM

"Life is not about the moments where you flash your business card. It's not about when you bump into a classmate you haven’t seen in a decade and as you catch up, casually mention the awesome thing you’re doing (“oh me, not much – I’m a space pirate.”) It’s about the bus ride to work, the smell of your morning coffee, the feeling of your freshly made bed. These things happen throughout the day – no matter where you are."

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Three Things to Guide A Transition at Work

Posted by Ash Wall on Apr 14, 2016 2:11:09 PM

"The world of work is changing, and with limited exceptions, this means that being adaptable and flexible is one of the most critical workplace skills that anyone can have. But, in order for this to be successful, you have to know what you need to succeed. Some people thrive in a remote working environment, while others need the more regular informal contact that commuting to an office provides. Some people like to be self-directed, and others want a manager to help them stay connected. Some people like project-based work or tangible tasks that can be completed, while others like a more knowledge-based approach, with no clear answer or problem to solve. Know yourself, and then think creatively about how you can use that knowledge to satisfy both your workplace needs and your professional ambition. Often, both can be addressed by being open to a different route than the one you thought you were navigating."

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